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Education Our Courses (CPC) in Road Passenger Transport Operations Management
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Course Outline

The course covers the requirements for both passenger and haulage operations. Where a more detailed explanation is required for passenger and haulage operations, the chapters in the manual are split into distinctive sections to reflect these needs.

The Course covers the essential requirements for those wishing to set up a transport business. It is divided into nine distinct chapters based on the following format:

  • Introduction to Haulage and Passenger Transport Operations
  • Setting up Road Transport Business
  • Access to the Road Transport Market
  • Transport Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Technical Standards
  • Civil, Commercial & Social Legislation
  • Conventions and Documentation
  • Route Planning and Road Safety

A brief summary of the main chapters is included below.

Setting up a Road Transport Business

This chapter examines what the candidate needs to know prior to setting up a transport business. Issues covered are marketing, developing a business plan, decision-making factors, financial considerations, business ownership, obligations upon transport operators and consequences of bankruptcy.

Access to the Road Passenger Market

This chapter covers what the legal requirements are in setting up a business and getting access to the road passenger market. The issues of professional competence, good repute and financial standing are covered so that candidates are aware of what is required by the Department of Transport and Tourism and Sport when applying for a Road Passenger Transport Operators Licence. The organisation of the market is also broken up into its distinctive features, scheduled and unscheduled operations, hiring of vehicles, school transport services and competition form non-Irish operators. The issue of community licences and competition is also discussed.