CILT Skillnet & Professional Development Courses

CILT Skillnet & Professional Development Courses

Welcome to the CILT Skillnet Section of our Website

Skillnet Ireland operates a national training network which CILT can offer up to 25% Off Professional Development Courses to individuals and companies in the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management sectors in Ireland.


Any business can join the CILT Skillnet Network for free and avail of subsidised courses designed to meet the current and future skills needs of their sector. So why not benefit from the easy and cost-efficient way of up-skilling which enables Irish companies to remain competitive and grow. 

Skillnet Ireland is funded by the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. 


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Management Development Programmes by Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland offers a suite of high impact, subsidised management development programmes nationwide.
They help business owners, managers and management teams achieve better results. 



CILT Skillnet Programmes are Categorised into three areas:

  • Professional Development Courses

  • Logistics, Shipping & Supply Chain Courses

  • Health & Safety Courses

Our CILT Skillnet Administrator is Eileen Corry.
She is here to guide you through the process and organise all your training needs - get in contact!

Eileen's Direct Number is: 01 906 8453


Frequently Asked Questions About Skillnet & Courses

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  10. Can individuals take part in training programmes?

Networks Delivering Up-Skilling Programmes for Jobseekers

A number of Skillnet Networks participate in the Skillnet Ireland Employment Activation programme. It is designed for unemployed people and includes FREE training in skills in demand by companies combined with direct access to employers through meaningful work placements.