Journey Routing and Planning Management

About the Course

Participants discover how to establish a safe driving standard for drivers, how to evaluate individual drivers and the fleet as a whole and learn to develop procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of the fleet safety program.

Duration 3 days

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Course Content

The concept of a preventable accident is a fleet, safety management tool. It achieves the following goals:  

  • Helps establish a safe driving standard for the driver
  • Provides a criterion for evaluating individual drivers
  • Provides an objective for accident investigations and evaluations
  • Affords a means for evaluating the safety performance of individual drivers and the fleet as a whole
  • Offers a means for monitoring the effectiveness of fleet safety programmes. It assists in the implementation of safe driving recognition programmes. 

 Management questions: 

  • Does the company have a programme for investigating accidents?
  • Is there a company accident review committee?
  • Has the company defined a standard for the safe driving performance of its drivers?
  • Is the carrier’s standard for safe driving sufficiently challenging such that it would serve to highlight areas for fleet safety improvement?
  • Are drivers instructed as to what the company standard for safe driving is? 
  • Are drivers  instructed  about  company  procedure  for  evaluating  the  preventability  of  accidents?


CILT certificate of completion