Finance for Non Finance Staff

About the Course

Enables participants to read financial statements: profit and loss accounts (income statements), balance sheets (statements of financial position) and cash flow statements. On completion, participants will be able to enhance the financial performance of an organisation. This course is designed for non-finance staff.

Duration 1 day
Dates TBC



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Course Content

  • Financial statements framework - a simple framework to assess and understand financial reports is explained and used throughout the course.
  • Terminology -key financial terms required to interpret financial reports are reviewed and explained.
  • A case study exercise is conducted to afford learners the opportunity to decipher terminology laden information.
  • Techniques – the fundamental techniques used to produce financial reports are summarised to give readers of financial statements are greater insight into the information contained therein.
  • A case study exercise is conducted to afford learners the opportunity to comprehend how financial statements are compiled.
  • The five questions that must be asked and answered when reviewing financial statements are covered.
  • Profit and loss accounts (income statement) – how to read
  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position) - how to read
  • Cash flow statement - how to read

Delivery of Course

This course aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Participants will be involved in activities designed to develop their understanding of topics covered. Participants will engage in individual and group tasks to reinforce the learning objectives of the course.


CILT certificate of completion