CILT Policy Committee Present: Are we on the Road to Sustainable Freight Transport?


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CILT Policy Committee Present: Are we on the Road to Sustainable Freight Transport?

07 April 2021

CILT Policy Committee Present: Are we on the Road to Sustainable Freight Transport?

CILT Ireland is delighted to host this FREE webinar to virtually launch our first policy research report in 2021 on April 16th from 10 am. We are looking through a sustainability prism and discuss the current policy support and industry practice in Ireland. We
hope to generate dialogue and raise awareness to CILT members our stakeholders and the wider public audience.

Special Guest Speaker
Hildegarde Naughton, Minister of State, the Department of Transport 


Speakers on Morning:

Dr Eoin Plant and Sabrina Zhang, CILT Policy Committee
Topic: Where does Ireland stand on Climate Change for
Transport and Logistics Sectors

John Pakenham, Co-founder and Director @VisionGreen
Topic: How sustainability reporting and customer impact data can
support a transition to a triple bottom line approach to sustainability

Tom Ferris,  Consultant Economist: 
Topic: Transport Centre Stage

Joanne Mellon,  Logistics Director, BWG Foods
Topic:  How BWG achieved carbon savings through the use of
technology in fleet operation.




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