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New CILT Skillnet Courses Winter 2018 Brochure

16 August 2018

New CILT Skillnet Courses Winter 2018 Brochure

CILT Skillnet is delighted to announce the NEW Brochure for courses has been launched.

As part of the Skillnet Network companies can avail of up to 35% off the price of courses.

So, this September, you and your team have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop within the workplace.


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«September 2018»

Leadership for Women in Logistics

Recent studies have shown that the number of women in leadership roles is far less than that of their male counterpart. It also has shown that women in leadership roles often rank lower than men in one area in particular – envisioning.

Envisioning is regarded as: ‘the ability to see new opportunities and chart new strategies for their business that reflect these changes’. Leadership for Women in Logistics is a programme certified by CILT that studies business development and envisioning. The programme encourages leading edge thinking; establishing vision, mission and purpose, how to effectively negotiate, and works on developing time management skills. The learning style of the programme is a combination of intellectual pursuits and personal development and enhancement.

‘Theoretical concepts are grasped and understood resulting in full awareness of personal abilities and an ability to integrate the theoretical into the workplace.’

The programme outline focuses on five major skills developments and their primary outcome:

1. Leadership Communication – demonstrating leadership qualities through effective communications.

2. Business Knowledge – examining effective business models, analytics, and responding to potential challenges faced on a day-to-day basis.

3. Wil-Power – empowering the individual and reinforce self-confidence.

4. Competency & Improvement – analysing problems and suggestive measures to improve cost saving.

5. Financial Impact – prepares participants to effectively analyse and recommend financial proposals with a positive impact.

The course will be run in Cork, Dublin, and Dundalk from September through to December in some cases. A full programme schedule is available on the website with a complete list of venues, times and dates.

Courses like Leadership for Women in Logistics are essential in fueling supply chain innovation, closing the talent gap, and universally improving performance within business. After all, ‘there’s more to the industry than just moving and lifting!’

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3D Printing within Maritime Industry

Global maritime industry group Wilhelmsen are looking at alternative ways to lower supply chain costs for maritime companies. The solution? Additive manufacturing.

Wilhelmsen has partnered with Ivaldi Group, a company using additive manufacturing and metal fabrication solutions to provide in-port parts on demand. This partnerships hopes to allow Wilhelmsen to reduce their supply chain costs, their environmental footprint, and service their customers more efficiently. Using existing infrastructure and new technology the two believe that the current supply chain can be revolutionised.

Challenges maritime industries face include extensive logistics, limited availability of parts and the need for marine parts to be customised and delivered efficiently. The advancements in 3D printing technology will allow for the production of parts from a diverse range of materials. Versatility and customisable design of parts all contribute to the attract prospect of working with additive manufacturing.

Other customers eager to avail of this innovative opportunity Wilhelmsen and Ivaldi Group are ready to deploy, are excited by the possibility that quality parts, on demand will have an overall lower cost. This is the primary incentive to subscribe to the project.

CEO of Ivaldi Group, Espen Sivertsen explains why this development has excited the maritime industry: ‘Using the Ivaldi Group system is already proving cost-effective. Instead of having to buy a new welding mask because of a broken clip, a new clip was printed for one-tenth of the price. It was also delivered within 24 hours as opposed to having to wait the 3-4 weeks it would otherwise take to ship to the customer.’

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