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15 May 2020

We have over the last two months being adjusting to the “new normal” that is life under the cloud of COVID-19.   I want to take this opportunity to update you on how the institute is operating in these unprecedented times.  Our key focus is on ensuring the safety of staff, partners and customers and as always, we remain committed to our learners and members with our high level of customer service.

Our office

Our office remains closed and our staff are working from home. Fortunately, we have always operated a flexible working policy so all of the necessary processes and technologies are already in place for us to be able to do this effectively.  On our website is a list of email contacts for each department, these are continually monitored.

Our courses

Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Due to the cloud-based nature of our key systems, The Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management worked virtual classrooms until the end of the academic year.  Looking forward to September when we recommence classes, plans are in place that should the need arise we can commence with online classes on 12 Sept 2020, it is hoped that this will not be necessary.

ADR & DGSA Exams

All scheduled ADR Exams have been cancelled until further notice.  As previously stated, our key focus is on ensuring the safety of staff, partners, and customers.  This is our guiding principal in relation to all our examinations.  Once it is safe to commence examinations, we will.  We are working with our examination centres to ensure that when it is safe to recommence examinations that we will be in a position to examine all those who need these examinations.

TM CPC Exams

All scheduled TM CPC Exams have been cancelled until further notice.

CILT Skillnet


Our CILT Skillnet training continues to deliver many of its training programmes, transitioning a number of courses from in-class delivery to live online delivery. , we have Oover the last 12 months CILT Skillnet looked more towardshas looked more towards the online delivery of training., COVID 19 has accelerated this development and CILT Skillnet will soon launch a new eLearning platform with high-quality training programmes accessible 24/7.


, Ddetails of the  our current CILT Skillnet offerings are to be found here








Our key remit, to promote professionalism and enhance standards in logistics, transport and supply chain sector through the provision of education and services, stays resolute, we will continue as logisticians to adapt to prevailing condition in order to maintain our operations.   



My very best wishes to you and your families at this difficult time.


If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact the Institute by email at 






Many thanks,




Mick Curran