Professional Testimonial Bridging Level 6 to Level 8 Supply Chain Management

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6 Modules:

  1. Circular Economy – Sustainability
  2. Intelligent technologies
  3. Research methods – theoretical and conceptual framework,
  4. ERP Systems,
  5. Negotiations,
  6. Portfolio Development.

All modules will be aligned with the core skills and competencies required at LEVEL 8 including the attainment of appropriate competencies and skills required at level. Learning outcomes of these modules are aligned with the learning outcomes required for entry at Level 8.

Delivery of Modules: Each module is delivered online, through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), approx. 6  hours with independent learning approx. 6 hours.

Students will be required to engage with online and offline learning resources with the bridging program being assessed through Portfolio in line with Current RPL principles.


Portfolio – (5 Sections) The portfolio will be developed throughout each of the modules, Students that take this option will be required to complete assessments using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) best practice – Video and Essay style reports, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and VLE tests will be included within the portfolio for completion at the end of the 6-week program, this will enable CILT & Skillnet to provide testimonials for those students who complete the program.

Candiates that fail will have one opportunity to undertake a resubmission within one week following feedback.

Course Outcome

Candidates completing this program will be given a testimonial by CILT that they have met the criteria for direct entry to the Level 8 Higher Diploma in Business in Supply Chain Management. As a result they can advance beyond the usual level 7 program stage and move directly to th level 8 program.


Who can apply?
Graduates of the Higher Certificate in Sustainable Supply Chains, Digitalisation & Logistics (or its equilivant program) that have achieved a grade average of 55% or greater and have 3 years relevant supply chain experience.


When and How long is the course?
2 evenings (7pm – 10pm) per week for 6 weeks. Start date is 29th May 2023.


This is a pilot program, while SETU have agreed to recognise the testimonial for the entrants to the Higher Diploma in Business in Supply Chain Management (Level 8) in September 2023. Candidates that complete this program and seek deferral to later years may not be afforded the same recognition. It is therefore advisable that you only undertake this program if you intend to advance directly to the level 8 program.

The Higher Diploma in Business in Supply Chain Management is a major award at level 8 of the NFQ. It is frequently known as a conversion degree and is recognised in industry and qualifies for the entry criteria to level 9 programs. However some positions may call for a Level 8 Honours Degree specifically and might exclude the Level 8 Higher Diploma.

What is the cost?
The program is developed and funded by CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet, costs for qualified individuals are subsidized. Unsupported cost of the program is €1650. Candiates that qualify via Skillnet can access the program for €400.

If you qualify for Skillnet support please proceed to CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet to make your application.