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Institute History

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Institute History

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Ireland is a member of the wider CILT International family which has offices in over 30 countries and 33,000 members worldwide.

CILT is the recognised global professional body for those working in the logistics, transport and supply chain industries.

3rd November 1919

A group of senior transport professionals met in the Savoy Hotel in London. During World War One they had witnessed the failure of trying to move goods and vehicles and now, in peace time, decided to create an organisation that would change that and set new standards.

The Institute of Transport began with the primary objective ‘to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study of the science and art of transport in all its branches’.

An inaugural meeting was held on 22 March 1920 with Sir Eric Geddes, the Minister of Transport, becoming its first president. 


The Institute of Transport was granted the Royal Charter however it did not use the term ‘Chartered’ in its title until 1971.  

11th December 1952  

The Irish Section of the Institute of Transport was formed.

An inaugural meeting was held in Jury’s Hotel in Dublin at which the following officers and committee were elected:

Chairman:  T C Courtney (Chairman of CIE)
Vice-Presidents: George B Howden (GM GNR & CIE) and Frank Lemass (Chief Officer CIE)
Secretary: R L F Woodhouse (Guinness)
Treasurer: J O’Leary (CIE retired)

David Stewart (Traffic Manager CIE)

Commander A J O’Brien-Twohig (Dublin Port & Docks Board)

M Stuart-Shaw (AGM Aer Lingus)

W J Gleeson (ESB)

T F Brazil (retired Commercial Manager CIE)

P T Sheridan (CIE)

J H Scott (Odlums & former GM Grand Canal Co)

Professor W H Prendergast (UCG).



As the number of overseas sections grew, 10 ‘National Councils’ were established in other countries. 

This allowed each territory to use their own designation. The Irish section became known as the Chartered Institute of Transport (CIT) Ireland. 

CIT International, now known today as CILT International, was also established this year. This new governing body still held a global remit for all territories activities and governance.


CIT UK merged with the Institute of Logistics UK to become CILT UK.


Here in Ireland the Chartered Institute of Transport merged with the Institute of Logistics and Transport to form, what we know today as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Ireland.


The principal objective of the Institute is “to promote professionalism in logistics, transport and supply chain.’’ 

CILT Ireland is made up of three regional sections - the Southern Section, the Eastern Section and the Western Section. 

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a non-profit organisation and is funded through membership subscriptions and educational services.