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ADR - Driver Training Certificate

ADR is the acronym given to the Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

CILT is the examining body for the ADR Driver Training Certificate appointed by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).

For further information on the regulations that implement ADR in Ireland, see the HSA website: Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

Competent authority information for ‘ADR and Related Services’ can be found on the UNECE website: 


Student Circular 2022

Communication to students November 2022






Exam Fees'

  Examination Fee's  
  ADR Basic Exam €125
  Tanker Specialisation Exam €125
  Sitting both exams on the same day discount fee           €200
  Repeat Examination Fee's (Effective from 1 February 2019)    
  ADR Basic Exam €110
  Tanker Specialisation Exam €110
  Sitting both Repeat exams on the same day discount fee      €185


ADR Exam Dates 2022


Location Exam Date Closing Date for Exam Applications

Cenit College Naas


22nd April 2022

17 April 2022


6 May 2022

1 May 2022


27 May 2022

22 May 2022


10 June 2022

5 June 2022


24 June 2022

19 June 2022

8 July 2022

3 July 2022

29 July 2022

24 July 2022





Griffith College Cork

11 May 2022

4 May 2022


8 June 2022

1 June 2022

6 July 2022

29 June 2022




ICE Group (Galway)




20 April 2022

13 April 2022


18 May 2022

11 May 2022

15 June 2022

8 June 2022


 Please route all examination queries to or 

Exam Centre Locations

NB If Students have queries reference their ADR Examination, Examination Booking or Examination deferrals. Please route all queries to the ADR Administration Team on the following email address or 



Cenit College,

Monread Shopping Centre, 

Monread Road,


Co. Kildare



Ice Group,


Liosban Ind Est,

Tuam Road,

Co. Galway



Griffith College, 

Wellington Road, 

Co. Cork

ADR Exam Application

CILT does not supply ADR exam application forms, these are provided by your course provider. See ADR Training section   

Sitting the ADR Exam(s)

ADR basic and tanker specialisation exams are held twice a month in Kildare and once a month in Cork and Galway.

If you are sitting both exams on the same day, you will sit the ADR basic exam first, followed by a 15 minute break and then the tanker specialisation exam. 

All candidates must bring their notification letter and photo ID (e.g. driving licence/passport) with them on the day.

***** Online Examination Format *****

The ADR exam is completed via an online multiple choice questionnaire.
Candadites need to be familiar with the use of a computer mouse to select answers and navigate the questionnaire. 
Online Exams Papers are provided in English only
Duration of ADR basic exam: 1 hour

Duration of tanker specialisation exam: 1 hour
Online ADR Basic Exam consists of:
Total of 36 multiple choice questions
Paper is divided into three (3) sections, A, B and C.
Each section contains 12 questions 
Online ADR Tanker Specialisation exam:
Total of 24 multiple choice questions
Paper is divided into TWO (2) sections, A and B
Each section contains 12 questions
Online ADR Class 3 Basic
Total of 24 multiple choice questions
Paper is divided into 
Each section contains 12 questions
Online ADR Class 3 Tanker
Total of 24 multiple choice questions
Paper is divided into 
Each section contains 12 questions

***** Examination Marking *****

ADR basic exam
Candidates must attain an overall pass-mark of 24 or higher (out of 36) with a minimum of 8 questions out of 12 answered correctly in each section.
Tanker specialisation exam

Candidates must attain an overall pass-mark of 16 or higher (out of 24) with a minimum of 8 questions out of 12 answered correctly in each section.  

NOTE:  Candidates sitting both the ADR basic and tanker specialisation exams must pass the ADR basic exam to be eligible for the certificate.

Notification of Results

Candidates will receive a email notification informing them if they have passed or failed. It is not possible to provide results over the phone 

Candidates that have passed will be issued with an ADR Driver Training Certificate by post. 

Candidates who have failed will receive a email notification indicating the areas that need to be addressed.

Renewal of ADR Licence

The ADR Driver Training Certificate is valid for 5 years.

Under ADR regulations all certificate holders must attend a refresher course (ADR basic 1 day course/ tanker specialisation 1 day course) and sit a refresher exam(s) to be eligible for another 5 year ADR cert. 

This refresher course(s) and exam(s) can be done at any time in the last 12 months of the current ADR cert but must be completed before the expiration date. 

We recommend holders do the refresher course(s) and exam(s) early to allow for possible repeats if necessary. 

If your cert has already expired and no refresher course(s) or exam(s) have been taken then, under ADR regulations, the holder must repeat the full ADR basic training course (3 days) and/or tanker specialisation training course (2 days) before being allowed to sit the exam(s) again.

ADR Training

Candidates must contact an approved ADR training course provider and arrange to attend a basic ADR and/or tanker specialisation course before applying to sit the exam(s).

On completion of ADR training, the course provider will give attendees an exam application. The provider will sign the declaration of attendance section of this form confirming the candidate’s completion of the course.

Candidates must sit the ADR basic exam within 12 months of completion of training.

ADR Regulations

All drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods must hold an ADR Driving Training Certificate issued by the competent authority or by an organisation appointed by that authority (CILT).

This ADR licence indicates that the holder has participated in an ADR training course and passed an exam on the particular requirements that have to be met during carriage of dangerous goods.

The ‘‘carriage of dangerous goods’’ applies to the carriage, in tanks, in bulk and in packages, of dangerous goods by road; including the packing, loading, filling and unloading of the dangerous goods in relation to their carriage.  

Those who specifically transport dangerous goods by tanker, in addition to the basic ADR training and exam, must also apply to do a tanker specialisation training course and exam. 

The ADR Certificate must be renewed every 5 years.

Approved ADR Course Providers


Course Provider Contact Information
Advanced Driver Training Academy
4 Church Avenue,
Mullingar Co. Westmeath
Contact: Yvonne Sheehan Tel: 044 9345740 / 086 7958001                            
Frank Daly & Associates 32 Main Street Longford Co. Longford



Contact: Frank Daly Tel: 087 2306972
Fax: 01 6335304 


HazChem Training Limited Unit G10 Maynooth Business Park Maynooth Co. Kildare


Contact: Michelle Cleere / Seamus Cleere 
Tel: 01 6291800 / 086 2529544 Fax: 01 6291822 
MacSafety Training Valimyre Aylmer Road Newcastle Co. Dublin 
Contact: Eamon McEvoy 
Tel: 087 9174300 


Robin Mulligan Ltd Monkstown Navan Co. Meath


Contact: Robin Mulligan / Manus Mulligan 
Tel: 041 9821112 Fax: 041 9821113 Email: Email: 
The Swilly Group i:Tek Building
Business Park Road Letterkenny
Co. Donegal 
Contact:Brian Sweeney Tel: 074 9151212 / 087 2282386

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