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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is the professional body representing those in the logistics, transport and supply chain industry.

Members of CILT can avail of many benefits.

Applying for CILT Membership: Please Read this Section Carefully Before Completing the Online Application

Membership FAQ Section:

I was a member in the past and would like to reapply again – do I complete the online application? 
No, do not complete the online application – please email and a member of staff will check your information. We will then come back to you as to what to do next.

Applying online only gives me Affiliate Membership, I feel I should be a Full Member (MILT) or Chartered Member (CMILT), how do I do this?
As of July 2018 we have streamlined the online application process.
Individuals apply online to join the Institute first.
When accepted by the Membership Committee you will be sent a confirmation email welcoming you to the Institute.
In this email it will state you have the opportunity to Upgrade Your Membership (subject to work experience and education) in the same year or in the next calendar year.

If you choose to do this in the Same Year you will have to pay the difference in price from Affiliate Grade to either MILT and CMILT:
For example:
€50 (Affiliate) + €55 (Difference) = €105 (Full amount for MILT Membership)
€50 (Affiliate) + €85 (Difference) = €135 (Full amount for CMILT Membership)

If you choose to do this in the Next Calendar Year please contact the office (01 676 3188 /  in October / November time to have your application examined. We may need some extra information from you in regard to work or education experience. As the Membership Committee need to approve your request this may take some time and slow the process.

What if I decide to stay at Affiliate Membership Grade indefinitely? 
Yes, this is fine to do.
The price of Affiliate Membership for subsequent years is €75 per annum.
You will still receive the Ezine and Invites to certain events. 

However, you cannot vote in Institute Elections, attend certain events or have the quarterly Linkline delivered by post to you.
Please note that there are NO Post Nominal Letters with this grade.

Due to my position in the Industry and Relevant Work Experience I believe I should be awarded MILT or CMILT and not go through the Affiliate Status, how do I go about this?
Please contact the office by email on and a member of staff will come back to you in relation to your application.

I don’t get the weekly Ezine Emails – why is this?
This could be for a variety of reasons:

-  The ezine is being sent to your junk mail – you will need to ‘Mark it as Safe’ so it appears in your inbox and not as junk / spam.

-  You have changed jobs – many individuals use a work email to receive the Ezine and move on to other employment. It is your responsibility to keep CILT updated, please email us at to change address.

-  You may have opted out of the Ezine some time ago, if you wise to receive it again please email stating you would like to go back on the Ezine list.

-  It may be blocked by your work email – please contact your IT section to ask them.

If you have any queries relating to the Ezine please email and we will contact you.

Step 1. Online Application

As of July 2018 we have streamlined the application process for individuals wishing to join the Institute.

All individuals will join online as 'Affiliate' with an introduction payment of just €50.
If you choose to stay at this level the subsequent full calendar year membership will be €75 thereafter.

However, if you wish to pursue a higher grade of MILT (full member) or CMILT (chartered member) you can do this easily by asking to have your membership reviewed for this level.
Please see the FAQ Section above on how to upgrade.

Step 2. Review Process

As stated above, all applications are given Affiliate Status to the Institute.

Once an application has been received it is processed by our Membership Team and the Business and Membership Development Committee. 
In order to for the Committee to be impartial all applications are scored against a Scoring Card Framework based on:

- Experience in the Industry
- Education
- Professional Development
- Status / Contribution in the Industry 

Please Note:
This Scoring Card is used when looking to Upgrade Membership Level to MILT / CMILT. 
The level is awarded by the information you provide in the application, if you do not complete the application thoroughly this may lead to an incorrect level being offered.

Step 3. Final Decision

Once the Membership Team and Business and Membership Development Committee have reviewed your application it is then reviewed by CILT Council to pass.
This includes all grades of Student, Affiliate and Upgrades to MILT and CMILT. 

Please Note:
The Council have the Final Decision about what level of membership should be awarded to each applicant. 

Step 4. Notification

Applicants are notified about the level of membership being awarded (from July 2018 this will be Affiliate for the majority of NEW online applications). 

This notification will be sent by the email you provide.

Once membership is approved each applicant will receive details about payment of fee using our Member's Area Online Portal.

Please use: Google Chrome and a Laptop or Computer. Do Not Use: Internet Explorer, Safari, Tablets or Phones to complete the form - these are not compatible with website