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Women in Logistics & Transport

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT)

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT)

WiLAT is a member group designed to support women in the logistics, transport and supply chain industry. It is part of the wider CILT International network with branches in 14 countries and over 1600 members worldwide. 


To be the most sought after group for advocacy, professionalism and empowerment of women in the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.


WiLAT exists to:

  • Promote the status of women in the logistics, transport and supply chain industry.
  • Bring together those who support the talent and career development of women.
  • Provide a support network and mentoring opportunities for women working in the industry. 

WiLAT Ireland

CILT Ireland is working to establish a WiLAT group in this country. 

We are keen to hear from members, students and women working in the industry who are interested in getting involved.

The group will not only work to support those currently in the industry but also encourage more women to view logistics, transport and supply chain as career options.

To get involved email us at info@cilt.ie  

Membership of WiLAT International

Female members of CILT are automatically members of WiLAT International.
Male members of the Institute or anyone interested in the group but not a current CILT member can become a Friend of WiLAT.
For more information contact: www.cilt.org

Structure of WiLAT International

Global Convenor Aisha Ali Ibrahim
  Aisha is the chairperson of WiLAT Nigeria.
  As global convenor she sits on the CILT International Management Committee. She is responsible for the development of WiLAT internationally and co-ordination of the annual global conference.

 Global Advisor

Dr. Dorothy Chan
  Dr. Chan became WiLAT’s global advisor in 2015 following the rapid growth of the network. She works with the global convenor to provide strategic advice and assist development.