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Welcome to the Policy Committee page of CILT

The committee will be responsible for various papers during each year in relation to the logistics, supply chain and transport industries. These papers will form the basis of a number of outputted reports from the information and recommendations.

The committee is made up of industry experts whose insights and inputs will bring together a conscious discussion on the subject in hand. Here at CILT we are delighted to have Dr Eoin Plant, Policy Committee Chair, Rachel Ivers, Policy Committee Deputy Chair, David O’Connor, Mick Curran, John Henry and Tim Daly as members of the committee.

<p>Dr Eoin Plant<br />Policy Committee Chair</p>

Dr Eoin Plant
Policy Committee Chair

Eoin is Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Edinburgh Napier University.  He previously led the National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL) at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin).  He previously worked with a number of UK universities including the University of South Wales. Eoin has carried out research and published peer-reviewed journal articles on sustainable supply chains, collaboration, and urban logistics

<p>Rachel Ivers, Policy Committee Deputy Chair</p>

Rachel Ivers, Policy Committee Deputy Chair

Rachel is a Senior Transport Planner in Curtins Engineering Consultancy. She previously worked in Arup in Amsterdam and Dublin. She gained her BSc. in Spatial Planning from DIT and MSc in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. She is also a committee member of the Irish branch of the Transport Planning Society (TPS). 

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