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Certificate in Warehouse & Transport Management

Who is it for?

Candidates seeking to develop skills directly associated with warehouse management as well as those seeking to manager the wider supply chain functions but require an understanding of the warehouse component.

The aim of this module is to examine Warehouse and Transport Management as an interface in Supply Chain Management and to develop the knowledge necessary to fulfill Logistics and Supply Chain strategies. Based on an interactive approach to learning, Warehouse and Transport Management studies the business environment as it impacts on internal operations and emphasizes lean management practices for improving performance and savings on costs. This module also analyses the strategy of outsourcing for Supply Chain efficiencies and the implications of the latest Technology, including Digitalisation.

The course begins: 11th November 2024

What will I study?

  • Warehouse Management:
  • Continuous Improvement and application of KPIs.
  • Transportation Management:
  • Vehicle road efficiencies and safety
  • Digitalisation and Disruptive Technology Application

How is the module assessed?

  • Continuous Assessment 100.00%
  • All completed online

Why is it important?

Warehouse and Transport Management is an increasingly important and complex component in global supply chains, with trends toward near shoring, postponement and transhipping, warehousing today is much more than a short term storage or an inventory buffer. As a result the skills of good management of a warehouse and associated transport are key to the management of an efficient supply chain.

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