Continuous Professional Development Courses

Our CILT Skillnet funded courses (subsidised with Skillnet Ireland funding) allow you to maintain and improve your knowledge and competency throughout your working life, ensuring your skillset meets the requirements of today’s fast-changing business environment. As the recognised professional body of the logistics, transport and supply chain management sector, CILT is specially placed to provide the tuition you need to develop industry skills. 

Programmes are developed to ensure:

  • Cost efficiency: CILT have better buying power and insist on expert involvement in programme development
  • Relevance: Businesses avail of relevant industry training which meets their specific staff needs
  • Convenience: Delivered at a time and a location that suits the company 
    Skill gaps are targeted: Our subject matter experts design programmes that address individual company’s skill gaps.

    CPD helps you: 
  • Keep your skills and knowledge up to date and builds your confidence
  • Prepare for greater responsibilities in your career and credibility in the workplace 
  • Follow your progression by tracking your learning to achieve career goals 
  • Cope positively with change by constantly updating your skill set
  • Be more productive by reflecting on the gaps in your skills and experience