Dangerous Goods Awareness

About the Course

This course is designed for operational staff involved with the handling or storage of dangerous goods, including Supervisors, forklift drivers, vehicle loaders and or unloaders, packers, fillers, non-driving members of vehicle crew and or any member of staff operating in the general area of stored dangerous goods.


Price:   Price available on application  
Location:   The course is offered throughout the Republic of Ireland on an in-company basis only
Date:   Dates can be arranged to suit your company’s preference
Duration: 1 Day Course (7 Hours)


Course Aim:

To provide all operational staff a clear understanding of Dangerous goods. Inform staff about proper handling and safety requirements. Outline the actions to be taken in the event of an incident.



Learning Outcomes: 

  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods.
  • To identify the marking and labelling and packaging that surround the Transport Requirements of Dangerous Goods.
  • To identify the Nine Classes of Dangerous Goods.
  • To properly instruct employees on the care and consideration that must be given to dangerous goods.
  • Transport of Dangerous goods. 
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.
  • Risk assessment of the storage of dangerous good on site.
  • Assessment of knowledge.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Dangerous Goods

  • Where dangerous goods are found, reasons why dangerous goods are controlled
  • We will review some major incidents involving dangerous goods and discuss the considerations that must be given to dangerous goods


Module 2: Identification of the Marking and Labelling of Dangerous Goods

  • Identification of the different marks and labels that surround dangerous goods
  • What these marks and labels mean
  • Where these marks can be found on the dangerous good when packaged or on a vehicle when transporting goods



Module 3: The Nine Classes of Dangerous Goods

  • The characteristics associated with each of the 9 classes of dangerous goods



Module 4: Care and Consideration of Dangerous Goods

  • Handling and transport requirements including documentation
  • Correct use of PPE, spill kits
  • Emergency actions
  • Simple First aid actions


Module 5: Transport of Dangerous Goods

  • Most common exemptions used during the transport of dangerous goods
  • Requirement surrounding training for drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods



Module 6: Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

  • Requirement of a DGSA
  • Achieving the qualification
  • Operational duties of the DGSA



Module 7: Risk Assessment of Storage

  • Review of the safe storage of dangerous goods on site
  • Exercises including storage case studies

Assessment of Knowledge:

Multiple choice question paper for all students. A pass mark of 80% is required to achieve certification.


Course Evaluation:

Student feedback




Certificate of Completion