Future Leaders in Logistics & Transport

About the Course

This programme develops future leaders through action orientated immersive learning experiences which is delivered a series of three one-day modules that are designed to develop leadership competency. The training method is all about progressively linking the development of each leadership competency within a programme that is designed as a complete process.


Price:   €510 per participant  
Location:   The Curragh Racecourse Conference Facilities, Co. Kildare  
Date:  12th September 2019, 14th November 2019 & 9th January 2020  
Duration:   3 Day Course

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Course Content


Effective team leadership requires the ability to communication your ideas and intent, using influence and behaviour. “Connection before Content”, start the day with several practical team activities designed to build group identity and establish connections between participants. Why? This will achieve leadership support for participants from within the group, which will assist them for the life of this programme and beyond. By working on improving candidate’s leadership presence and communications skills early in the programme we ensure all modules are positively impacted by improved communications and presentation skills. In this module the participants will prepare and present individual and group presentations. Immediate video feedback on their performance will be provided in order to maximise learning and leadership development.



The second workshop focuses on Decision-Making and Problem - Solving methods and models. The day starts with an immersive problem - solving scenario to define the participants start point level of competency. Next up will be pairs immersive practical scenario-based decision-making using industry related scenarios. Defining your decision space and what autonomy participants have as a team leader, directs these practical decision-making sessions. The afternoon will shift to team project scenario-based decision-making simulations. Learning will be immediate and constant as feedback will be provided to each candidate on completion of each decision-making scenario.



In the third module the candidates will engage with lessons learned ̶ how to lead a learning orientated team. We start outdoors in order to engage in a team leadership practical challenge. The duration of this challenge is two hours. The performance levels during this team challenge will provide the data for the participants to practically apply the “Hot Wash Up” lessons learned method and learn how a well-presented After-Action Review (AAR) that is positively “coached” can significantly improve team performance. The aim is to positively challenge the participants to lead a learning focused team. In the afternoon the candidates will learn how to investigate organisational performance and how to conduct a written AAR utilising real world business examples. Their analysis will then be examined in detail and the candidates will present their AAR for consideration and decision. Again, in line with our method we will provide immediate feedback to the candidates on their individual performance and their team leadership performance.


Course Evaluation:

The people, leaders who supervise and direct the participants on a daily basis, have a key role to play in ensuring the participants apply the learning gained from every one-day module. Empowering the attendees to lead teams with smart autonomy is essential for their leadership to develop. In order to assist their managers, participants will complete and sign off on their programme goals in advance of commencing module 1. PL will work with the line manager and the participant to ensure that organisational goals are aligned with participant goals in line with future business leadership needs.



Who Should Attend?

Your high performance and high potential leaders of the future. Developing your organisations leadership capacity with CILT Skillnet is an investment that will ensure your company is operating in that sweet spot where internal talent is ready to step up to meet your future leadership needs.




Certificate of Completion