Pregnant Worker Risk Assessors Training

About the Course

Provides participants with the knowledge to carry out pregnancy assessments. The course includes practical application scenarios where participants can practice the skills they have learned.


1 day


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Who should attend?

Employees who intend to carry out pregnancy risk assessments. Prior knowledge of basic health and safety is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

Course Content

  • Introduction to health and safety
  • Pregnant worker legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Pregnant worker risk assessment process and form
  • Application of pregnancy risk assessment

Benefits of Pregnancy Worker Risk Assessor training

On completion participant will be able to

  • Understand the legal basis of pregnancy risk assessment.
  • Be able to identify specific hazards of concern to pregnant, post-natal or breastfeeding employees and to assess the risks associated with those hazards.
  • Be able to carry out a pregnancy risk assessment and keep the assessment under appropriate review.


CILT Pregnant Worker Risk Assessors Certificate