QQI Level 5 Supply Chain Operations Certificate

About the Course

Develop a keen understanding of the principles and practice of supply chain logistics in order to work independently and under supervision within national, international and global market trading environments.

Requirements Learners attending this programme must meet RPL criteria. Your entry to this course is not guaranteed until CILT training team can confirm your RPL eligibility. RPL is an application made on behalf of participants by a training provider to facilitate the delivery of training with an emphasis on particular elements of a programme where learners due to previously attained knowledge, skills or life experience have full knowledge of these outcomes and so may concentrate on the delivery of other outcomes.
Duration TBC

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Benefits of a QQI Level 5 Supply Chain Operations Certificate

On course completion participant will be able to:

  • Outline inbound, outbound, and internal movement supply chain logistic networks
  • Explore supply chain trends of the 21st century including logistic hubs, E-procurement procedures and just-in-time inventory planning
  • Examine key terminology in inventory concepts and materials requirements planning
  • Describe legal requirements for changes in ownership within channels of distribution in import and export markets
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of 3rd party distribution strategic partnerships
  • Identify and predict using forecasting methods product life cycles of various markets recognising turbulent markets, predictable markets, and repetitive markets
  • Explore how environmental sustainability impacts inbound and outbound freight
  • Examine logistic paths from China, Japan, Asia, USA, Europe
  • Develop a supply chain logistics mix based on warehousing, transport, and delivery service for a company of choice
  • Operate computer systems to support electronic data interchange between all stakeholders within the supply chain
  • Analyse factors of warehousing decisions taking size, location and storage facilities into consideration
  • Analyse the functions of a distribution centre from receiving, storage, order picking and dispatch to meet guaranteed delivery schedules


40% Theory examination – a theory-based examination assesses the ability to recall, apply and understand specific theory and knowledge.

60% Assignment – there are two assignments as part of this course. Participants will be given briefs that will provide specific guidelines as to what should be included in each assignment.


QQI Level 5 Supply Chain Operations Certificate


Successful completion of this course enables the participant to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is a mandatory or an elective requirement.