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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

About the Course

This is an in-depth classroom-based practical GDPR course, instructor led, that will be of considerable benefit to Business owners, HR Managers, Data Controllers, IT Specialists, DPO’s and all areas of business that collect and retain personal information on their customers, or third parties.

Price:   Price available on application  
Location:   The course is offered throughout the Republic of Ireland on an in-company basis only  
Date: Dates can be arranged to suit your company’s preference
Duration: 1 Day Course (FULL DAY)

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Course Content:

  • Revision of existing Data Protection regulation obligations 
  • Outlining the Data Protection rights of individuals and the obligations of business to protect these rights
  • Identification of the key changes that impact the Data Protection obligations of your business
  • The key principle of customer consent, and how this will change under the new GDPR
  • Explanation of penalties and sanctions to business for non-compliance with GDPR
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer in large organisations
  • Identification of enhanced Data Protection obligations - from both a Risk and Compliance perspective
  • Consideration of Transport-specific Data Protection considerations - Tachograph and CCTV, and the obligations of employers to ensure compliance in these areas
  • Key elements of a Data Audit.  A significant portion of the course is designed to assist and support participants in producing the initial outline of an Action Plan to ensure timely compliance with the GDPR.  A specially designed template with key headings is provided for completion as part of the course.

Course Benefits

This course was designed for:

  • The course will bring participants up to date on existing Data Protection legislation and will provide a comprehensive overview of the very significant changes that will impact businesses when GDPR was enforced in May 2018 
  • The course will provide a toolkit of resources, including a personalised Data Protection Audit template that can be tailored for use by each participant
  • The course will provide participants with knowledge and skills to help raise staff awareness of their obligations under GDPR
  • The course is interactive and interesting, entirely relevant, and will deliver the information needed to enable participants identify areas for action to ensure timely compliance with GDPR


CILT certificate of completion.