Collision Investigation Reporting

About the Course

Run by Collision Consulting Limited (CCL) this course is particularly suited to transport and safety managers. By understanding the cause of collisions participants learn how to identify, record and report a collision and also what systems to put in place to prevent them.

Duration 1 day

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Course Content

Collision Scene examination principles and techniques

  • Assess the scene initially and identify the full extent of the relevant area to be contained.
  • Provide the investigator with an awareness of what relevant information is required to properly compile a comprehensive report.
  • Pictorially record the scene including sight lines, approach angles, road surface, street furniture etc.. vehicle photography includes essential angles, damaged areas, tyres and vehicle interiors.
  • Recording of measurements using established methods of scene mapping – Datum line and triangulation.  These techniques are taught using basic tools i.e.  100m/25m tape measure. 

Witness and driver interview techniques

  • Preparation and planning an interview
  • Statement taking

Investigation Report writing

  • Collating relevant data within a methodical and comprehensive template
  • Develop a reporting style to encompass all physical and witness information
  • Reporting outcomes in an approved format for external agencies   

Forensic awareness

This module provides participants with an awareness of how the following information can be sourced and used in collision investigation:

  • Tachograph data
  • Seat belt usage
  • Lamp bulb on/off analysis
  • GPS Sat Navigation devices and dashcam CCTV analysis

Case studies

Participants are provided with real case scenarios to analyse within the teaching environment as an aid to developing their skills and investigative techniques.

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