Driver Health and Wellbeing Safety Management

About the Course

Participants learn how to determine health and safety policy, profile risks, implement plans, measure performance, monitor before events and investigate post events.

Duration 3 days

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Course Content

  • Management of health and safety plan – determining safety policy and planning for implementation
  • Organisation of health and safety, profile risks and implementation of plans
  • Checks, measuring performance, monitoring before events and investigating post events
  • Reviewing performance and acting on lessons learnt
  • Incident reporting provisions of an occupational health service (OHS)
  • Slips and trips, musculoskeletal disorders/manual handling
  • Violence and aggression/challenging behaviour, lone working
  • Work-related stress, bullying and harassment, hazardous substances
  • Work equipment and the provision and use of work and lifting equipment
  • Display screen equipment


CILT certificate of completion

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