QQI Level 6 Employment Law Certificate

About the Course

Learn about the principles of employment law and the statutory frameworks which regulate the employment relationship.

Duration 4 days
Dates TBC



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Benefits of the QQI Level 6 Employment Law Certificate

On completion participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a specialised knowledge of employment law principles and provisions and of the Irish legal system and the influence of European law on Irish employment law. 
  • Evaluate the theoretical concepts and models relating to individual employment rights to include discrimination, maternity, adoptive and parental leave, part-time and fixed-term work, agency work, payment of wages, the organisation of working time, pensions, health and safety, equality and privacy. 
  • Apply a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools to the contract of employment within the context of well-defined scenarios for a range of employee categories to include terms and conditions, pay and pension, termination, dismissal, leave, duties. 
  • Formulate an employer’s response to the impact of Data Protection and Freedom of Information in the management and maintenance of employee information in the workplace. 
  • Evaluate the role of employment legislation and institutions in combatting discrimination and harassment to promote equality in the workplace. 
  • Assess the facts in defined breaches of employment law and the legal procedures of redress and remedies available through labour relations institutions and the courts. 
  • Demonstrate a specialised understanding of the status, interpretation and implementation of collective bargaining. 
  • Appreciate the legal significance of Human Resource grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures within the context of dispute resolution strategies. 
  • Investigate the legislative framework of health, safety and welfare at work regulations with which employers and employees are legally obliged to comply. 
  • Evaluate the role and function of labour relations institutions and trade unions and the legal procedures of redress which apply under employment law. 
  • Report on the impact of a principal of employment law in a chosen vocational area based on a specific court case history.


QQI Level 6 Employment Law Certificate

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