Two Year, Part Time QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate in Business in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Enrolment for September 2020 Intake Opens Late-February / Early-March


Course Overview

  • QQI Level 6 in Conjunction with IT Carlow
  • Blended Delivery - In class and Online
  • Year 1 examined by Continuous Assessment
  • Flexible Payment (see FAQs), Deposit €250
  • All Benefits of IT Carlow Including Student Card, Online / Library / Blackboard Access

Class / Module Information

  • 25 In Class Saturdays - Attend in Person
  • Module Based Subjects Over Four Saturdays
  • Plus, Three Online Lectures per Module
  • Year 1: Six Subjects and Year 2: Five Subjects
  • Lectures Begin: Mid-September 2020
  • Lecturers Finish: Early-May 2021 (see FAQs)
  • Two class centres in Griffith College Cork or Dublin (see FAQs)

About the Higher Certificate:

  • The QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate is open to professionals who wish to further their knowledge in the areas of business, logistics and supply chain management.
  • The course is designed for participants who currently work in the industry but do not have the necessary academic achievements to progress their career.
  • Students come from a variety of backgrounds across the logistics, supply chain and transport areas. 
  • Lecturers are Industry Professionals who give real life case studies and examples during class as well as the academic knowledge to underpin learning experience.
  • The Higher Certificate is open to all individuals regardless of experience, we welcome those new to the industry looking to pursue a new career. 
  • An Exit Award (Minor Certificate) is available to those who only complete Year 1.

Course Modules (Per Year)

Year 1 - Certificate:

  • Communications and Writing Skills 
  • Business Applications 1 
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management 
  • Fundamentals of Finance for Supply Chain (PLUS the only in Class Exam for Year 1) 
  • Warehouse and Transport Management 
  • Customer Services for Supply Chain  

All Year 1 modules are delivered by Continuous Assessment except Fundamentals of Finance of Supply Chain which has an exam.
On completion of Year 1 students receive a Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Minor Award - 60 Credits)

Year 2 - Higher Certificate:

  • Advance Finance Stage 2
  • Management of Supply Chain Operations
  • Semester Exams (Mid-December - for the above two subjects only)
  • Applied Human Resource Management
  • Marketing for Supply Chain
  • Customs Clearance and Dangerous Good Awareness
  • Semester Exams (Early May - for the above three subjects only)
  • Submission: Year of End Project (Mid-June)

On completion of Year 2 students are awarded a Higher Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Major Award - 120 Credits).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are a list of questions in relation to the Higher Certificate you will find useful - do take a look!

Are You Still Running the Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

The Diploma course has been redesigned and the Institute have now launched the QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in its place.

  • The main reason for this was to reach QQI accreditation in conjunction with IT Carlow.
  • There are additional contact hours, online modules, plus an end of year project in Year Two of the course in order to qualify for QQI Level 6 status.
  • The name of the course has changed to 'Higher Certificate' as this is the correct name following QQI Accreditation.
  • Your Level 6 QQI Higher Certificate is a fantastic building tool for your education and career possibilities.
  • You can now very easily move onto other Level 7, Level 8 or Level 9 courses anywhere in Ireland or abroad.
  • Students will now have all the benefits of being an IT Carlow student Including Student Card, Online / Library / Resources and Blackboard Access.
  • All round this is brilliant opportunity to study part time, have FREE student membership of the Institute and begin your journey to chartered membership.
  • The Diploma was a Professional Qualification given by the Institute and DID NOT have QQI accreditation or any credits associated with it. 
  • We continue our link with IT Carlow and NMCI Cork for previous Diploma Graduates who are eligible to complete an add on, part time QQI Level 7 BA Degree.
  • Those who completed first year of the Diploma can come back and complete second year of the Higher Certificate course (subject to T&Cs - please email us for more information).

What is the Cost of the Higher Certificate – Can I Pay in Instalments?

The Certificate is €2,500 per year.

Yes, there are two options to pay for the course per year:

-        Pay upfront before the course commences and receive a €200 discount (€2,300). Therefore pay your deposit online followed by payment of €2,050.

-        Pay the €250 deposit followed by four equal instalments of €562.50 in the months of October, November, January and February.

What do you Mean by ‘Blended Learning’?

Blended Learning for this course is a mix of in class lectures on Saturdays (9am to 4:30pm - that are mandatory to attend) plus pre-recorded lectures that can be viewed via IT Carlow’s Blackboard learning platform.

Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and learning management system that is accessed online. All communication; lecture notes, lecture communication, upload of assignments, module results etc. is via Blackboard. You receive a password to log onto the online system from The Education Team.

What if I Miss a Class for Some Reason, Can I Catch Up Myself?

Yes, all notes for subjects will be available to you via Blackboard. Please note: the ONUS IS ON YOU as a student to complete self-study for the time you miss. Some (not all) recorded lectures will also be available on Blackboard.

I’m Finding it Hard to Fit in the Class Days / Assessments – What Do I do?

Firstly, we understand all our students are adults with responsibilities, sickness can happen, family commitments, full time jobs etc. Life can get in the way of study.

Please get in touch with us and tell us your concerns.
We will work with you and come up with a plan see you through.

What is Meant by Academic Year, When are Holidays and When do I Finish?

The Academic Year is when you are studying and in class, for the Higher Certificate:

- The semesters are Mid-September to Mid-December and Mid-January to Early-May

- This is similar for Year 2 with submission of End of Year Project in Mid-June. 

No Classes Take Place / Holidays for Year 1 & 2:
- 26 October Bank Holiday Weekend 2020
- Christmas Break Late December to first week of January 2021 
- Mid Term February Weekend (TBC)
- Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 03 April 2021

Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances classes can change and may have to be
re-scheduled on alternative dates.

Which Centres / Locations can I Complete the Certificate in?

The Higher Certificate Course will run in three Centres this September, choose from:

Am I Eligible to do the Course with my Limited Education / Lack of Knowledge / Experience in the Industry?

We welcome all adults to the course who have an interest in logistics, transport and supply chain. We are here to assist you in your learning journey and give you opportunities to meet companies at events and via weekly communication.
Our requirement for the course is Leaving Certificate (or equivalent from other countries).

We also recognise ‘RPL’ Recognition of Prior Learning for students who may have many years experience however may not have completed secondary education.
If you would like to speak to the Education Manager we can arrange that, please EMAIL us for more information.

Can I get a Student Visa to do the Level 6 Higher Certificate?

The QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a part time course and so does NOT Qualify for a student visa.

Can I Claim Tax Relief for the Higher Certificate?

Yes, you can claim 20% tax relief on the TWO YEAR QQI LEVEL 6 HIGHER CERTIFICATE under the following rules:

The Two Year QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate Course for tax relief must be two years in duration (if you only intend on completing one year, Revenue do not allow tax relief).

NOTE: Those students who completed one year of the old Diploma style course and then entered the second year of the two year QQI Level 6 Higher Certificate course are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR TAX RELIEF. This is because the Diploma was only a Professional Qualification and NOT under the QQI Framework with IT Carlow.

As this is a Part Time Course under Revenue rules, the first €1,500 is a disregarded amount e.g.:

€2,500 (fee per year) minus €1,500 (Revenue disregarded amount) = €1,000

20% of €1,000 = €200 per year of tax relief

For more information please see the Revenue website.

Any Other Queries – How Do I Contact You?

Contact the Education Team via EMAIL or by Phone on 01 676 3188.

This is the Course for Me! How do Secure my Place Online?

The online application form is open from Late-February / Early-March 2020.

Securing your place takes only a few minutes once the portal is open:

Follow the LINK and complete the Online Application Form

You will then click the ‘Book & Pay Deposit Now’ button

This will re-direct you to PayPal to pay your fee – you DO NOT NEED a PayPal account to pay online - there is a 'PAY WITH DEBIT / CREDIT CARD OPTION if you scroll down.

If you are having any issues with booking and paying please contact The Education Team by EMAIL or call 01 676 3188.