A Message from our CEO -- How we’re managing through COVID-19


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A Message from our CEO -- How we’re managing through COVID-19

09 April 2020

A Message from our CEO -- How we’re managing through COVID-19

It’s been an unusual and challenging couple of weeks in Ireland and beyond, and here at CILT Ireland we have been monitoring COVID-19 related guidance closely and responding accordingly.

I wanted to provide you with an update on how we have amended our courses through this difficult time. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates appropriately and promptly. Our key focus is on ensuring the safety of staff, partners and customers and as always, we remain committed to our learners and members with our high level of customer service. 

Our office

Our office is currently closed and our staff are working from home. Fortunately, we have always operated a flexible working policy so all of the necessary processes and technologies are already in place for us to be able to do this effectively.

Our courses

Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Due to the cloud-based nature of our key systems, The Higher Certificate in Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management will be working via virtual classrooms until the end of the academic year.

ADR & DGSA Exams

All scheduled ADR Exams have been cancelled until further notice.

The HSA has signed the Multilateral Agreement M324 which covers the area of ADR concerning driver training certificates and safety adviser certificates. They also have signed Multilateral Agreement M326 which covers the Periodic Inspection And Test Of Pressure Receptacles For The Carriage Of Gases Of Class 2. All information in connecting to ADR can be found on the following link https://www.cilt.ie/Education-Exams/Exams/ADR

TM CPC Exams

All scheduled TM CPC Exams have been cancelled until further notice. But a provision date of 2nd September 2020 has been pencilled in for the next examination.

Our key remit, to promote professionalism and enhance standards in logistics, transport and supply chain sector through the provision of education and services, stays resolute and for our students and customers who need to contact us we available. 


My very best wishes to you and your families at this difficult time.

If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact the Institute by email at info@cilt.ie 



Many thanks,


Mick Curran 



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After Brexit: Are you Customs Ready?

 In our latest guest blog, Tom Ferris, asks if you are customs ready after Brexit? 

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Introducing a new road to sustainability for your business

What is Lean & Green?

Lean & Green is a not-for-profit, 5-star award programme developed by the Connekt Foundation in the Netherlands. The goal of the programme is to recognise and reward participating organisations for demonstrating verified reductions in CO2 emissions. More than 600 companies from across Europe are now taking part. The Lean & Green programme is available to organisations here in Ireland through GS1.

Green Business Logo

How does the programme work?

Plan of Action

The program aims to encourage businesses to become leaders in sustainability by taking measures that not only cut their costs but also reduce their impact on the environment. The Lean & Green journey begins by creating a plan of action to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% over a five-year period. Participants analyse their logistics processes and implement sustainable practices that bring cost savings along with the desired emissions reduction.  Modern systems, such as “Big Mile” and “EcoTraxx” can be used to help with analysis. 



Companies that can demonstrate that they are actively working towards improving their sustainability are rewarded with the programme’s ‘Lean & Green’ Award. If they reach their goal of a 20% reduction over a maximum of a five year period, the organisation is awarded its first Lean & Green star. The second Lean & Green Star is presented to organisations for achieving a further 10% reduction over a maximum of three years.

Paper Lorry Against Grass

The Lean and Green Community

Upon receiving a Lean & Green Award, your organisation will become part of the Lean & Green Community. The focus of the programme is on continuous improvement and organisations work together to achieve this.

Lean and Green Stars Bar Chart


Who is Lean & Green aimed at?

Lean & Green is for every company or governmental body that is moving towards a more sustainable way of doing business. There are currently 600 companies, with many well-known names from across the transport, distribution and retail sectors taking part in the Lean & Green Programme.

Why should my business join?

Legal Obligations

The Lean & Green programme recognises CO2 emissions reductions in line with the Irish Climate Action (Amendment) Bill 2020. With organisations responsible for their own actions to reduce CO2 emissions, the journey begins with joining a community of like-minded organisations who share ideas, best practices and anonymised data within a framework.   

Competitive Advantage

By improving transport and warehousing processes on an ongoing basis, organisations not only make a positive and visible contribution to the environment but also strengthen their competitive position. Through Lean & Green, organisations are demonstrating that they are taking active steps towards making their logistics processes more sustainable.

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Reflecting on 2020

We asked our member Megan Yeates to tell us what 2020 meant for her 

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Supply Chain Management and Brexit Procedures Podcast with CILT’s CEO Mick Curran

Mick Curran has for the last three years been the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Prior to joining CILT, Mick spent 24 years as a member of the Defence Forces serving in a variety of roles both at home and overseas.

In last weeks discussion we touched on issues such as Brexit and more specifically its potential impact on transport and trade.  

More information can be found on the Clear Customs app which is free to download on the App store or alternative distribution platforms.

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