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CILT Skillnet Launch

30 January 2017

CILT Skillnet Launch

About the CILT Skillnet

The CILT Skillnet is a network of member companies nationwide. Members may use the Skillnets network to avail of grant-assisted training and networking opportunities for their Directors, Managers and staff. It is the belief of our Institute that members need to improve the skills of their workforce if they are to meet the future demand of skill shortages through training that is relevant in the Logistics, Transport, Distribution and Supply Chain sectors, required due to continuous growth in our industry in order to be successful in business both nationally and internationally. “The network’s long-term strategy is to continue in supporting our network members in meeting their training and development needs, to sustain competitiveness and growth for our sectors.”

On the night, CILT had many guest speakers who presented to all those in attendance. Firstly, CILT’s CEO Pat Treacy opened up the launch with an introduction and gave a brief overview of the evening ahead and of course the aims of the CILT Skillnet programme.

These aims include:

  • To provide industry specific, customised and most relevant training to the member companies in order to improve their competitiveness.
  • To promote training as a viable strategic tool.
  • To improve the quality of training and development activities and provide real opportunities to employees of the member companies.
  • To assist in creating a long term future plan for our industry
  • To contribute to the up-skilling of the workforce in our industry