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Last Mile Delivery: Innovation & Transformation Dublin Friday 21 February FREE CILT EVENT

23 January 2020

Last Mile Delivery: Innovation & Transformation Dublin Friday 21 February FREE CILT EVENT

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Innovation and Transformation in the Final Stage of Fulfilment

Time: 09:00 to 14:00
Date: Friday 21 February 2020 
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport, Northwood Santry, Co Dublin 

CILT Eastern Section in conjunction with Linkline Journal are delighted to announce a half day event on Friday 21 February dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing landscape of last mile, with an emphasis on technology and innovation.

As consumers increasingly go online for ALL of their shopping needs, speedy fulfillment is now the normal expectation of every online shopping experience. For logistics and supply chain companies and their retail partners it is one of the big challenges they face as they come under increasing pressure to reduce the cost of last mile delivery and the associated carbon footprint the current system generates.

Vendors and their transport partners are increasingly exploring new technologies and experimental supply chain models to increase parcel volume, make deliveries more efficient, keep customers happy - all while trying to cut costs.

What knowledge can be gained here?
• How to improve your business model by drawing on the experience of industry leaders who have adopted cutting-edge technology
• Improve customer relationships by strengthening your value proposition • Be inspired by exciting projects & start-ups who are working on transforming the delivery industry
• Explore the different delivery models for expanding market share and increasing profitability
• What partnerships to seek out to succeed in today’s robust delivery

Agenda for Morning:
09:30: Welcome Address
09:30: Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:40: Managing and Optimising your Last Mile Delivery (URBANTZ - Byron Dunne)

09:55: A brief introduction to MessageBird and it’s platform followed by some examples of how the application of innovative solutions is helping Logistics, Transport and e-Commerce companies to solve common problems and increase efficiency (Message Bird - Finn Mongey & Michael O’Mahony)

10:10: Last Mile Delivery Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative (Smart Dublin - Luke Binns)

10:25: Maximising the Value of Data (GeoDirectory - Steve Grover)

10:40: Integration with Domestic and Global Carriers for Seamless Fulfillment (Autofulfil - Paul Myers)

10:55: Refreshments

11:10: Case Study: (Baby - Brian Naughton CMILT)

11:25: Using Technology to Maximise Opportunities (Auto Address - Micháel Martin)

11:40: How to overcome issues in organizations upstream and downstream activities (Capcon - Rory Comerford)

11:55: City Centre Transportation Projects (Dublin City Council - Colm Ennis)

12:10: The Harmonised Label (GS 1 - Tim Daly)

12:25: Panel Discussion and Q&A

12:40: Closing Address: Chair and Lunch


Documents to download

«February 2020»

Robotic Process Automation: The Dawn Of Unlimited Intelligence

Assistant bots are developing so rapidly that they’re quickly moving from business automation to becoming an integral adjunct to the human mind.

Future insight

The development of assistant bots will kick into high gear when their power is boosted by other intelligent technologies:

The next bot generation

  • As intelligent RPA improves, we will see an entirely new generation of software bots emerge that supercharge human intelligence.
  • Intelligent assistant bots will become the brains behind supply chains that run and improve on their own.
  • Employees will eventually have access to an inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge.
  • Our shared intelligence is what futurist Ray Kurzweil terms “neo-cortexes in the cloud.”

Future insight

  • Eventually, there might be no separation between individual and shared intelligence.
  • This would enable the “Singularity,” the point at which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, then accelerate beyond us exponentially.
  • MIT’s Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group is working on projects that blend human senses with external devices to erase the barrier between human and computer.

Download the executive brief Robotic Process Automation: The Dawn of Unlimited Intelligence.

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