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High Performance Leadership for FTDL Managers: FREE One-to-One Info Session Available

09 January 2020

High Performance Leadership for FTDL Managers: FREE One-to-One Info Session Available

CILT Skillnet are delighted to announce the new and improved custom-designed High-Performance Leadership training programme for managers and leaders in the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management sectors.

This five day programme, will enable participants to increase the performance and competitiveness of their team and organisation by building productive relationships through enhanced leadership and communication skills.


Over the five Day programme for FTDL Managers will receive:

• Forte Communication Styles Profile psychometric report and one-to-one coaching

• Employee Engagement Mini-Report

• 360 Feedback Report

• Participation in online Leadership Masterminds

• Unlimited phone, email and online support

• Lifelong membership of:

- Ex2 Social Learning Community (leadership development online network)

- Ex2 Engaging Leadership Academy (online leadership resources)


A one-to-one session via Skype/Zoom/phone with the training provider is available where all aspects of the course and how the course will benefit the person & the organisation can be discussed.

To register for the launch event click on the REGISTER NOW button.


«February 2020»

Robotic Process Automation: The Dawn Of Unlimited Intelligence

Assistant bots are developing so rapidly that they’re quickly moving from business automation to becoming an integral adjunct to the human mind.

Future insight

The development of assistant bots will kick into high gear when their power is boosted by other intelligent technologies:

The next bot generation

  • As intelligent RPA improves, we will see an entirely new generation of software bots emerge that supercharge human intelligence.
  • Intelligent assistant bots will become the brains behind supply chains that run and improve on their own.
  • Employees will eventually have access to an inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge.
  • Our shared intelligence is what futurist Ray Kurzweil terms “neo-cortexes in the cloud.”

Future insight

  • Eventually, there might be no separation between individual and shared intelligence.
  • This would enable the “Singularity,” the point at which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, then accelerate beyond us exponentially.
  • MIT’s Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group is working on projects that blend human senses with external devices to erase the barrier between human and computer.

Download the executive brief Robotic Process Automation: The Dawn of Unlimited Intelligence.

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