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Presidential Address: Helen Noble - NMCI Thursday 22nd February

06 February 2018

Presidential Address: Helen Noble - NMCI Thursday 22nd February

Invite to Presidential Address - Helen Noble

Our 2018 President, Helen Noble invites our members and stakeholders to her Presidential Address on Thursday, 22nd February from 2pm to 4pm in the National Maritime College of Ireland. 

Hosted by CIT's President Dr Barry O'Connor, the event will have Helen as Keynote Speaker being welcomed to her year of Presidency. 

Members, stakeholders and students are welcome to attend.

Booking Essential.

Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM 

National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork 
Main Auditorium
National Maritime College of Ireland
Co. Cork



«February 2018»

€417m Allocated For 2018 Regional And Local Roads Investment Programme

The investment of €417 million towards Ireland’s regional and local roads for 2018 was announced today by Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross. This is a €93 million increase from 2017’s €324 million funding.

This year, local authorities will receive €1 million to further progress the implementation of 30km/h speed limits in housing estates across Ireland. A cut from last years €1.3 million.

Meanwhile, an increase in capital spending will result in a funding package, allowing for approximately 2300kms of regional and local roads to be maintained and 2100kms to be strengthened.

The main features of the investment programme include:

·         €195m for road pavement strengthening works;

·         €48m for surface dressing;

·         €70.6m for maintenance and strengthening works for which Local Authorities have discretion in the selection of roads;

·         €50.3m for Specific and Strategic Regional and Local Roads Projects;

·         €9.7m for Bridge rehabilitation works;

·         €7.1m for Safety Improvement Works;

·         €10m for Drainage works;

·         €10m for Community Involvement Schemes;

·         €16m approx. of miscellaneous grants including, training, speed limit funding, severe weather repairs, salt purchase, road condition survey

On the announcement Minister Ross said:

“I am very happy to be able to announce a significant and much needed increase in grant allocations for regional and local roads this year. Overall 2018 will see a funding increase of about 29%. While the funding in 2018 will largely continue to support the maintenance of our current regional road network, expenditure on road improvements projects is expected to increase to about €50 million. A significant number of these projects have a safety focus, including the L2119 Bawnmore realignment in County Galway, the upgrade of R420 at Kilmullen in Laois, Fintra Bridge in Donegal, Robeen Cross junction improvement, County Mayo and R755 Calary Road realignment in County Wicklow.”

Emphasising that his main priority remains the maintenance and safety of the network, the Minister added that investment in maintenance and renewal will see an increase of about 18% in 2018, saying, “roads that are well-maintained lead to less costs for vehicle repair, a reduction in journey times and, crucially, they are safer for us all to travel on.”

The Minister noted that the 2018 investment programme also allows for a number of Capital Plan projects to progress, including projects added after extra funding was secured in the Capital Plan Review. A full list of these projects can be found here.

Minister Ross concluded:

“I would also like to emphasise again that I consider that local authorities are best placed to assess priorities within their areas and considerable autonomy is therefore given to local authorities under grant headings to decide their work programme. I would also explain that these grants supplement local authorities own resources expenditure on regional and local road projects and do not represent the total investment in regional and local roads for this year.”

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Calls For Minister Ross To Explain Rationale On Dublin Airport Noise Regulator Decision

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport Robert Troy TD has called on Minister Ross to explain the reasoning behind his decision to appoint Fingal County Council as the new independent Noise Regulator for Dublin Airport, having previous indicated that three other entities would take on the role.

An independent Noise Regulator is required following an EU Directive to allow for progress to be made on constructing a second runway at Dublin Airport.

Deputy Troy said, “Minister Ross has made a mess of preparing for a second runway at Dublin Airport. He first indicated that the Environmental Protection Agency would undertake the role of Noise Regulator for the airport. He then had to abandon that plan and instead attempted to get the Irish Aviation Authority to take on the role, promising that this would be in place by December 2016.

“I pressed him on how he would achieve this and he conceded last summer that he could not deliver on his plan. He then indicated that the Commission for Energy Regulation would do the job.

“Minister Ross has now abandoned that effort and has announced that he intends on asking Fingal County Council to take on the role. He really has made an absolute mess of the situation and the end result is that we have been running around in circles which has set back the construction of a second runway by 18 months.

“Minister Ross has acknowledged that Dublin Airport is already operating at capacity. The failure to construct a second airport in a timely manner is having a negative impact on the national economy. We can’t tolerate any further delays on this vital piece of national infrastructure.

“A competent Noise Regulator is needed to ensure that the concerns of local residents living near Dublin Airport are taken on board and addressed. I’m calling on Minister Ross to set out in detail his rationale for designating Fingal County Council as the noise regulator. We must ensure that Fingal County Council has the capability and expertise to carry out this role effectively.

“It’s imperative that a second runway at Dublin Airport is brought into operation by 2021. In order to achieve this we need to ensure that the designated Noise Regulator can carry out its task. The last thing we want is for the entire project to be delayed in a couple of years’ time after it’s discovered the designated Noise Regulator needs additional resources to carry out its role.

“This needs to be sorted once and for all before it’s too late. I have serious concerns that, based on his record to date, Minister Ross will make a mess of his latest proposal.”

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Toyota Is Switching From Manual To Digital Planning

Toyota Motor Corporation is packing in its manual planning systems and opting for a cloud-based supply chain management system to manage its automative demand and supply chain processes.

The system, RapidResponse by Kinaxis Inc, will unify the company’s global demand and supply planning between its sales and production divisions and help better manage vehicle and unit volume.

“We are looking forward to working with Kinaxis to optimize inventory and enable more flexible responses to customer demand. RapidResponse will help us unify sales and production and will become the foundation upon which we can continue to realize improvement in demand and supply planning,” said Iwao Nakano, General Manager Corporate IT Division at Toyota.

“We are excited to help drive breakthrough results for one of the world’s most prestigious brands,” said John Sicard, Chief Executive Officer, Kinaxis. “With a proven track record of increasing supply chain efficiencies for automotive manufacturers, we’re looking forward to deploying our revolutionary cloud-based concurrent planning platform to help Toyota instantly create what-if scenarios and better understand the impact of various supply change management strategies to create positive outcomes.”

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First Longer Luas Tram Operated This Morning

As part of the new Luas Cross City project, the first longer Luas tram operated after 8am this morning.

The 55 metre-long tram travelled from Brides Glen to Broombridge and back again on an operational run.

A total of seven longer Luas trams are expected to go into service between now and June in attempts to meet extra capacity requirements.

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€11bn Turnover Generated In Ireland By Guaranteed Irish Members

Turnover generated in Ireland by over 300 Irish companies which are members of Guaranteed Irish, the not-for-profit business membership organisation championing homegrown and international businesses in Ireland, has now reached €11bn, according to new figures released recently. Globally, these companies generate a turnover of €25.84bn. In Ireland, these companies directly employ 49,873 people, with 46% currently exporting, primarily to the UK, US and mainland Europe.

The figures were released by Guaranteed Irish at an event on Wednesday at the Irish Stock Exchange. Only member companies, which are required to meet a range of criteria before attaining membership, are given permission to display the Guaranteed Irish symbol as a badge of provenance and trust.

Guaranteed Irish has also announced that March 2018 has been designated the inaugural Guaranteed Irish Month to celebrate all members of Guaranteed Irish and showcase Ireland’s exceptional international reputation as a great place to work and do business.

A range of activities are planned for the month-long initiative including a ‘Meet Guaranteed Irish’ event in Dublin which will offer members the opportunity to exhibit their businesses and network with other members. Guests, including political representatives, will be invited to learn first-hand the contribution Guaranteed Irish members make to the Irish economy. Companies interested in joining the organisation were also encouraged to attend.

As part of Guaranteed Irish Month, the organisation also unveiled a new Guaranteed Irish Global Register which calls on business leaders at home and the Irish diaspora abroad, to register with Guaranteed Irish to assist member companies who are considering exporting to new markets.

A new Guaranteed Irish website will be launched during Guaranteed Irish Month, along with a Guaranteed Irish Partner Programme for members, and in the coming months, a seminar will be held on how to leverage Guaranteed Irish in the context of Brexit.

Deirdre Somers, CEO of the Irish Stock Exchange, said:

“The Irish Stock Exchange is delighted to support the launch of Guaranteed Irish Month. The Guaranteed Irish symbol is a real badge of honour worn by home-grown enterprises, as well as international businesses which have chosen Ireland as their base, and contributes to showcasing Ireland as a great place to conduct business.”

The post €11bn Turnover Generated In Ireland By Guaranteed Irish Members appeared first on Linkline Journal - Ireland's Leading Business Journal for the Logistics Sector.

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‘Hard Brexit’ Warning For Irish Manufacturers

A stark warning regarding a ‘Hard Brexit’ was issued to Irish manufacturers at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference recently at the Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin. The annual  conference welcomed 3,000 manufacturing and supply chain industry professionals including over 200 speakers and 170 exhibitors. With the Brexit negotiations seemingly nowhere near being clarified despite being moved into the second phase, delegates at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference shared their views and concerns and reservations about how exactly a free flowing Border will be implemented.

Brian Murphy, Head of Trade Services, Irish Exporters Association told delegates in attendance ” There will either be no Brexit and the decision will be completely reversed or there will be some form of declaration required between the two islands. Some things will change in your supply chain. They may be soft changes or they may be very extreme changes. ”

Former European Affairs Minister & CEO of Vulcan Consulting, Lucinda Creighton also spoke to those who were in attendance and spoke of the potential impact on Irish businesses as well as her concerns regarding the lack of clarity on customs arrangements

“What is certain is that Border issues will raise their heads again if the UK leaves the Customs Union,” she advised. “Now is the time to measure the level of exposure you have to prepare for the worst case scenario. There will be some sort of transition period. We don’t know exactly how that is going to work but we have to operate on the basis that once it is over that our business and exporters will be exposed.”

“In terms of Customs checks and delays in ports, Irish ports don’t have huge capacity issues but UK ports do and we don’t know what system will be put in place yet. So, while we can liaise with authorities here at home, we have no idea as to what to expect from UK authorities on procedures.”


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Handshake Etiquette From Around The World

How we introduce ourselves to someone new can reveal a lot about the type of person we are. Traditionally in most countries throughout the world people tend to greet one another by shaking hands. You could be forgiven for thinking that shaking hands is a standard practice but there are many different forms of handshake etiquette around the world.

An example of the differences in etiquette can be seen in the U.S and Brazil, where a firm handshake is expected when greeting someone. This would not be the case in the UK as British people prefer to greet one another with a lighter handshake.

Every country has a unique set of customs when it comes to greeting, especially when conducting a business transaction. Here are a few of the different ways people shake hands in countries around the world.

The United States

In the U.S it is customary to introduce yourself to someone new by saying your name and offering a firm handshake.


Here you would offer a gentle handshake and only shake hands with someone of the same gender.


In Russia you should only shake hands with the opposite sex if it is a business transaction. In this situation it is customary for a man to kiss the woman’s hand.

South Korea

Here the senior person starts the handshake and uses a soft and polite grip.


Shake hands using a soft grip and hold the hand for a prolonged time.


In Brazil you should offer a firm handshake and maintain eye contact with the other person.


You should shake the most senior persons hand first with a soft grip. Remember to slightly bow as you do this but not to look directly in the person’s eye.


There is no direct handshake here. The person will place their palms together at chest level and bow to you. Simply return this gesture.


It is customary to shake hands quickly with a light grip.


Here it is customary for a long lasting handshake; if you are a man this can be followed by a hug.

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Blockchain Association of Ireland joins the Irish Computer Society’s Network

The Blockchain Association of Ireland (BAI) has joined the Irish Computer Society’s (ICS) network of support member bodies.

The BAI began as an informal think tank comprised of an eclectic panel of academics, programmers, bitcoin entrepreneurs, journalists, philosophers, cryptographers and financial professionals.

Organised and joined together via the Coding Value Project and Quinn Business School in University College Dublin in 2016, the founders formalised a non-profit and member-led entity to act as a neutral meeting point for like-minded and interested individuals.

The Association was the first of very few Blockchain Associations in the world to formalise. Since then the professional membership base has grown to represent Ireland across the world at blockchain events to promote Ireland’s thought leadership in this space.

What began as a small gathering, the BAI now runs regular meetups that attract over 100 participants at each event.

BAI joins the likes of itSMF Ireland, HISI, IASA Ireland, ADPO and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland in the ICS association network.

“We very much look forward to the amalgamation with the ICS to take the Association to its next phase of success under the leadership of Jim Friars and the ICS team”, said Reuben Godfrey and Stuart King founding directors of the Association.

“I returned to Ireland some time ago and found it difficult to find likeminded people in the blockchain space. It is tremendously rewarding to see the Association grow from strength to strength since its humble beginning”, said Godfrey.

“It was very refreshing to be part of the think tank to explore what at the time was a technology little understood in Ireland and abroad. There is something very special about the bond made between the founding members,” said King.

“Blockchain Ireland bring real expertise in this new technology and recognise the importance of having a strong member body to support and share their work. We believe the 50 years’ experience that ICS brings in establishing ethics, codes of practice and skillsets will help the Blockchain Association of Ireland to grow and ultimately for Ireland be a world leader in the proper use of this technology,” said ICS CEO, Jim Friars.

The first event for the new partnership will be for the BAI to host a half-day conference on March 21st at the ICS, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Further details on the event can be found here.

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