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Visit to Liebherr Co Kerry on Monday 28 May

01 June 2018

Visit to Liebherr Co Kerry on Monday 28 May

On Monday 28 May the Southern Section organised a fantastic tour of the Liebherr Cranes facility in Killarney, County Kerry.
Members from the Southern Section including Council travelled together by coach to the beautiful destination. The weather was on our side for the glorious day that was in it. Members from the Leinster area also joined the tour.

On the morning all attendees gathered in the reception of Liebherr and were welcomed to the plant. Those attending were given an overview of what to expect from their time in the facility before dividing the 42 individuals attending into three separate groups.


Robert Lucey, Design Engineer at Liebherr was one of the staff who gave a very interesting and insightful tour to members. The tour included cutting and preparation, steel construction and welding. Attendees were able to see the different stages of construction a crane goes through. Robert explained that it takes on average 18 months from initial meetings with a new client to design, concept, building in parts to delivery and construction at location.

Here at CILT we would like to talk the staff at Liebherr for their help in the organising of the day, especially to Helena Cullinane Southern Section Member and staff at Liebherr.
We would also like to thank some of the stakeholders who attended such as the Road Transport Engineers Association, the Marine Engineering Faculty at NMCI Cork and the Society of Auto Assessors and Collision Investigators


«January 2019»

LCV Sales Rise as HGV Registrations Decrease in 2018

Recently released official statistics by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) have shown that the total new Light Commercial Vehicle registrations (LCV), up to 3.5 tonnes GVW,were finalised at 25,561 units, recording an increase of 5.55% in 2018. New Heavy Commercial Vehicle registrations (HGV) 2,590 saw a slight decrease of 0.5% over the year in comparison to 2017 (2,603). Used Commercial Vehicle Imports decreased during 2018; LCV reducing by -2.9% and HGV down -0.5%.

Speaking about the statistics, SIMI Director General Designate, Brian Cooke commented “Despite the strong economic performance of Ireland last year, 2018 proved very challenging for the new vehicle sales. The Motor Industry is however as always forward looking, and with the new 191 sales period now commencing, January and the first quarter will be the key focus for dealers. In this context, SIMI’s advice is to shop around and consider the real benefits of shopping in your local retailer, who not only provides value to the customer but also encourages economic activity locally.”

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