An evening with Megan Yeates, Monday 14 Sept 2020.


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An evening with Megan Yeates, Monday 14 Sept 2020.

11 September 2020

An evening with Megan Yeates, Monday 14 Sept 2020.

The twinning between CILT Eastern Section and CILT Thames Valley Group (TVG) over the past year has continued to blossom and grow. When TVG approached me and asked would I be interested in taking part in an event – I was thrilled and honoured. Since winning the inaugural gold medal at WorldSkills Kazan in August 2019, I have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities to share my story. This event opportunity feels a little more special due to the personal connection, being the honorary secretary for CILT Eastern Section. As it is the opening event for the CILT TVG 2020/2021 season, I feel it is even more of an honour.

Initially, the event was scheduled to take place in Reading town hall, UK. However, given the current Covid-19 conditions, it hasn’t been suitable for me to travel to Reading to deliver this event in person. I was still eager for the event to take place by any means possible! A decision was made to deliver the event digitally instead of cancelling or postponing. Adapting to change is something you need to be good at in the Logistics industry – that’s exactly what we did.

Being a young female building a career in the Logistics industry, I enjoy having the opportunity to share my story to help raise awareness of the opportunities available to young professionals in the sector. I feel I have achieved quite a bit already in the very early years of my career.

WorldSkills still does not have the awareness that it deserves. I believe it is the best kept secret. A competition as big as the Olympics, which celebrates and champions young, skilled professionals, deserves to have global awareness. Before my involvement with WorldSkills and Ireland Skills Live, I had no knowledge of the competition. I want to help raise awareness of the competition within the industry, while also encouraging more countries to take part.

I am so grateful to all those in my network who have supported me and offered kind words of encouragement. Building a network of kind, supportive people is vitally important – not just in business but in life! I have met so many great people at CILT events over the past few years. I look forward to virtually meeting more people at my event and answering any questions people may have!

Thanks again to TVG for hosting this event

Head to or email quoting event code: TVG0390
If you are not a Member of CILT please complete the booking form and return via email

Members: Free
Non-Members: £5.00 inc VAT

Monday 14th September at 7.30 pm. You won't want to miss this.