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Interview with Fiona Brady CMILT FREENOW

11 July 2022

Interview with Fiona Brady CMILT FREENOW

Fiona Brady is the Head of Operations and Public Affairs for FREE NOW Ireland, and in 2021 was also appointed, by the Minister of Transport, to the Taxi Advisory Committee which advises the Minister and the National Transport Authority of Ireland.

She initially joined FREE NOW in 2016 as a Senior Operations Manager and was subsequently promoted to Head of Operations in early 2018, and Head of Public Affairs in late 2021.

In her current role, Fiona drives the sustainability and innovation agenda for FREE NOW across Ireland. Engaging with the political ecosystem and public policy to advance how cities and their citizens interact with next generation mobility services. She is also responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to deliver value and positive experiences for FREE NOW drivers and passengers - including electrification of FREE NOW’s taxi fleet, multi-modal diversification and key partnerships with industry stakeholders.

As part of the senior leadership team, Fiona was instrumental in the company’s transition from Hailo to mytaxi, and most recently to FREE NOW.

Fiona has over 19 years’ experience working in transport, tech and mobility across both public and private sectors.  She started her career in transport at Dublin Bus where she worked for over 11 years, and then moved on to the private sector in 2015, where she held the position of Customer Operations Senior Manager at travel technology solutions provider CarTrawler.

She holds a Diploma in Management Studies, Transport and Aviation from the Institute of Technology Carlow, and an Honours Degree in Social Science from University College Dublin and has recently completed the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme.

Can you briefly outline your past work experience and tell us how you got to where you are today?

My introduction to the world of mobility began when I joined Dublin Bus as part of their HR team after leaving university. My career evolved from there. Working for a public transport provider was a fantastic developmental experience. Apart from HR and industrial relations, I had the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business through the graduate program, and eventually pivoted into operations. Working in a depot was a completely different challenge, and where I started to recognise the importance of transport to the wider community and its societal and environmental impacts. From there, I moved to CarTrawler as I was really impressed with their culture and ethos and then I progressed to the multi-mobility app FREE NOW where I have been ever since. In 2021 I was appointed, by the Minister of Transport, to the Taxi Advisory Committee which advises the Minister and the National Transport Authority of Ireland. Wheels have always been a common thread!

How would you describe your management style?

Collaborative and supportive

What advice would you have for someone working in the transport and mobility sector?

Developing a considered and comprehensive approach to sustainability must be a top priority for everyone operating in the transport space. The 2030 target set by Government to reduce national transport carbon emissions by 42%-50% is ambitious; however, a united effort by transport providers across Ireland to accelerate electrification and encourage more multi-modal approaches to transport will be the key to change. Working in this industry you have the opportunity and responsibility to shape the future and the sector.

What part do you think FREE NOW will play in shaping the future of the industry?

FREE NOW Ireland is in a position to make important contributions to sustainable transport in Ireland, from growing the number of EV taxis available and introducing new modes of transport for communities in our app like eScooters and eBikes. There is a place for the private car in many situations, however through EV transition, modal shift and the use of data and technology we can present passengers, through a multi-modal platform, with greater choice in how they travel, socialise and work. I’m excited to help drive that sustainable agenda.