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NOMINATIONS FOR COUNCIL from 01 October 2018

16 July 2018

NOMINATIONS FOR COUNCIL from 01 October 2018

In accordance with Rule 2.5 of the Deed of Trust, nominations are invited for ten ordinary members of Council for the year commencing 1st October 2018.


Nominations should be supported by two Chartered Members and should include a statement of the nominee’s willingness to serve. The completed nomination form should be returned to the Returning Officer:


Mr. Patrick J M Casey FCILT,

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport,

1 Fitzwilliam Place,

Dublin 2.


Closing date for nominations is 15th August 2018.  Nominations received after this date will be considered invalid. 


If more than 10 nominations are received, then an election will be held.



Council Members already nominated are:


President                                                         : Ms. Helen Noble FCILT

Vice President                                                 : Ms. Grainne Lynch CMILT

Secretary to the Council                                 : Mr. Patrick Casey FCILT

Financial Officer                                              : Mr. Richard O’Farrell CMILT

Education & Training Officer                         : Mr. Tim Daly FCILT

Ex Officio (Intl President)                               : Kevin Byrne Lt Col (Retd)FCILT

Ex Officio (Intl Vice President)                       : Mr Finbarr Cleary FCILT

Ex Officio (Immediate Past President)         : Mr Paddy Doherty FCILT

Chairman, Eastern Section                            : Mr. Richard Butler CMILT

Vice Chairman, Eastern Section                    : Mr. Wayne Kavanagh CMILT

Chairman, Southern Section                          : Mr. Ray Crowley CMILT



Patrick J. M. Casey FCILT

Secretary to the Council

29th June 2018