Warehousing and Inventory Management

About the Course

Many organisations wish to enhance performance by ensuring purchasing and materials management functions provide real value. This course gives a greater understanding of purchasing, stores and materials management so that substantial savings can be made. Participants learn how getting the level of inventory "right" can release working capital, reduce operating cost and improve customer service.

Duration 2 days
Dates TBC



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Who is the course for?

Inventory Managers, finance managers, planners, buyers, stores staff, production staff and anyone involved with the development of a purchasing and supply management department.

Course Content

  • An understanding of what can be achieved by purchasing and materials management departments
  • How to achieve potential savings while maximising customer service levels
  • An introduction to policies and procedures
  • Types of techniques which can be used in stores management
  • ABC analysis 
  • The methods of waste elimination
  • JIT and Benchmarking and the value they can add
  • SCM and the key areas of customer service, how to retain customers
  • Time pressures in the supply chain
  • Distribution channels and the value of selecting the appropriate one.   


CILT certificate of completion

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