High Performance and Leadership Development Programme

About the Course

Develop the performance and leadership skills needed to take your career to a new level. 

This training course will focus on the key business issues of today.

Duration: 4 Days
Dates: TBC
Fee: €1200.00

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Course Content

  • Being a memorable leader and role model 
  • Leveraging your impact through others
  • Developing confidence and jettisoning self-limiting beliefs.
  • Empowerment as a key management tool
  • Resolving conflict without bloodshed
  • Developing your personal business brand
  • Effective performance evaluation and feedback
  • Innovation – raising the bar instead of fixing problems
  • Communication skills that will influence staff, the boss and customers
  • Delegation – working on the ‘right things’ and other ‘monkeys’
  • Dealing with difficult staff
  • Creating a healthy selfishness to ensure you meet your key goals
  • Time and work place effectiveness
  • Influencing upwards
  • Presenting for impact and success
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Continually adding more value to your role

Benefits of High Performance and Leadership Development Programme

On completion participants will have benefitted in 4 ways:

  • Personal best: how to magnify your strengths and reach new levels of confidence.
  • Interpersonal best: how to deal more effectively with conflict and sharpen your influence.
  • Professional best: how to polish your image and increase your appeal to customers, staff and other leaders.
  • Big stretch: how to change through personal accountability, discipline, and resolve.

Personal Development Action Plan

  • Sign off from participant’s line manager, in advance of the main course work
  • Midterm and end of course reviews. 
  • Discussion with the line manager and participant to ensure the organisation’s and participant’s goals are aligned to the key needs of the business.


CILT certificate of completion