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Tachograph Management Training

About the Course

This course assists companies with their legal responsibilities and duties when it comes to drivers’ hours. The training outlines the regulations around the length of time drivers should spend on the road as well as how to monitor this using a tachograph.  

The course is tailored for:  

  • Transport managers,
  • Sole traders involved in the HGV or LPSV transport operations
  • Persons who are responsible for scheduling drivers so that infringements of the Drivers Hours Regulations 561/2006 and the Working Time Directive are eliminated.
  • Scheduling personnel required to detect faults and events in the system and take appropriate corrective action. 
  • Those responsible for downloading, analysing and storing data. 

Duration: 3 days
Dates:  TBC
Fee: €750.00 

For more information:

CONTACT EILEEN on 01 676 3188 or eileen@cilt.ie 

Course Content

The course covers the regulations that govern:

  • Drive times
  • Mandatory breaks/ resting periods
  • Breaks that apply under the rules of the Working Time Directive
  • National and international journeys
  • Penalties for not maintaining compliance
  • Managing digital, analogue and mixed vehicle tachographs

Benefits of Tachograph Management Training

On completion participants will be able to:

  • Identify the commission regulations and statutory instruments appertaining to drivers hours and the digital tachograph vehicle unit
  • Be familiar with the (EC) No.561/2006 Drivers’ Hours Regulations which outline driver hour limitations.
  • Be aware of driver and operator liabilities
  • Have a practical understanding of the features of the digital tachograph. 
  • Have the ability to read printouts from a driver’s card and from the vehicle unit.
  • Be familiar with the downloading of data from the driver’s card and from the digital tachograph
  • Be able to analyse and archive data
  • Describe in specific terms the knowledge and skills that participants will achieve on successful completion of the programme 

Learning outcomes:

  • Certification of knowledge in the use of the digital tachograph vehicle unit
  • Knowledge of the four digital tachograph cards
  • Operations and functions of download equipment
  • Understanding of faults and events on driver’s card and vehicle unit
  • Understanding of Drivers Hours Regulations and the Working Time Directive for mobile workers
  • Know the meaning of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)


Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Certificate of Completion